What is the Easiest Language to Learn?

what is the easiest language to learn 150x150 What is the Easiest Language to Learn?Learning to speak a foreign language can be a very rewarding, or frustrating, endeavor. The motivation behind the desire to learn is the key to success. For example, if you have to learn in order to keep your job, you will probably be highly motivated. If your interest is low, however, you will find it very hard to learn. Here we present some of the easier languages for English speaking persons to learn.

Languages with Latin and Germanic roots

OK, Latin is a dead language, but the languages based on Latin have a lot in common with English so they are easier to learn. This goes for the Germanic languages as well, even though German itself is relatively difficult to learn because of its complicated grammar.

Spanish Language

Spanish, a Latin roots language, is used these days more and more around the world. Even in English speaking countries the number of Spanish speakers is growing. With this language you have access to Spain and nearly all of South America, except Brazil where they speak Portuguese. The grammar is relatively easy and many words are similar to English words. For example, the word for telephone is teléfono. Spanish pronunciation is phonetic, meaning each letter has the same sound in every word no matter what. This means that the letter e always sounds like the e in the word red and never like the e in tree.

One hurdle to learning Spanish is that it contains more verb tenses than English. Also rolling the r’s can be difficult for some learners.

Norwegian Language

Grammatically this is a relatively easy language to learn. Being a Germanic language there are many similarities to English. For example Mandag is Monday, velkommen is welcome, and over is over. Also verbs are easy because they do not require changes in conjugation when there is a change in person or number. The Norwegian tenses are simple with just a few standard additions like adding a -e suffix for the past tense. English in comparison has many complex verb changes.

French Language

While pronunciation is difficult French shares more words (or similar words) in common with English than any other language. So right off the bat you have a lot of vocabulary at your disposal.

Italian Language

Like Spanish, Italian is phonetic, meaning it is written as it is pronounced. Also Italian has less verb tenses than Spanish or French.

So, What is the Easiest Language to Learn?

easiest language to learn global 150x150 What is the Easiest Language to Learn?Learning a language is fun and good for you. Even tackling one of the easiest languages to learn will keep your brain healthy and young. It also opens up whole new worlds of understanding that you miss by knowing only one language.

Try to imitate the speaker or teacher when learning a language. If you imitate their tone, and even their gestures, this helps the new words stick in your mind.

The ideal condition for learning a language is immersion. Learn in a place where the language is spoken natively. That is, go to Paris to learn French, and avoid the temptation to use an interpreter. This “sink or swim” approach will make you learn much faster. Plus it’s a great excuse to take a trip!